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ariZoni Award Nomination!

Theresa was nominated for an ariZoni Award for her portrayal of Eve/Mama Noah in TheaterWorks Peoria's production of Children of Eden. 

Theresa is honored to have been nominated for her first role since moving to Arizona. Congrats to all the nominees and winners. 


LIZZIE: The Lizzie Borden Musical

"The conscience of this piece is neighbor Alice played with delicacy and sweetness by Theresa Kellar. [...] In a beautifully voiced song, Alice reveals she has a secret, one that she is not sure she can share with Lizzie – that she is infatuated with her. [...] The physicality between these two is remarkably well-handled, as is the later turn when Alice is asked to defend Lizzie with a lie. Kellar has a clear, bell-like voice that blends beautifully with the other women."
- Stacy Upton, The Column

Spring Awakening 

"From the opening song, "Mama Who Bore Me," sung with pleading innocence by Theresa Kellar as Wendla, all the young adolescents are asking questions about their own dreams and bodies.

Kellar sounds like an inquisitive angel as the lovely and childlike Wendla, the girl who loves Melchior with all her innocence and surrender."

-Martha Heimberg, Theatre Jones

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